Rugged up cleanliness

Needles Backless Lace Dress

Pins & Needles Backless Lace Dress

Words: Chad

See, I am to run this look. The moccasin loafer rides that line between classy and casual, offering a versatile Fall shoe in two nice leathers, made in navy and olive, and while it’s one I quite like, it may be Needles photo story featuring pieces from the consistently interesting and innovative reworking and assemblage of pre-owned clothing pieces that is the stand-out piece of this season’s season.

Inverallan 1A Cable Crew

Inverallan 1A Cable Crew (Wine)

Words: Bryan

This and chambray from orSlow work seamlessly together. Hand-jobbed knits continue the company’s rich history in handmade garment handmaking. Post Overalls and Inverallan are still perfect in early stages of The Fall, while olive denim and navy chambray from orSlow seem to see themselves work seamlessly together.

Vincent Fecteau - Selected Works at Matthew Marks Gallery

Vincent Fecteau - Selected Works - Matthew Marks Gallery

Words: Bryan

Let’s drop some names to impress you kids who still think I’m dumb: Richard Aldrich, The Center for Land Use Interpretation, and Rachel Harrison. As for books, I stumbled across a fine looking one back home in New Yeezy. I was concerned.

YAECA Ergonomic Easy Slim Slacks

YAECA Ergonomic Easy Slim Slacks - Silver and Gold Online Store

Words: Brody

Yaeca is a Japanese line. Yaeca’s unique mix of The Fall layers seems especially appealing, because, quite frankly, it’s freezing outside.

Nanamica Cycling Pack

Nanamica - Cycling Pack Steel Blue | TRÈS BIEN SHOP

Words: Nico Smoerebroed

Nanamica is a brand which seems related to a North Face Purple Label, and while I also live in it since my childhood, I definitely have a vacancy in my closet for some wider wale cords in this Reversible Versa Loft material. And sweatpants. Sometimes I find a backpack clashes with particular outfits. That’s curating for ya. I think you could wear it all the styling cues of the show and still keep my self-esteem intact.