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Wolfgang Tillmans - Neue Welt

Wolfgang Tillmans. Neue Welt. TASCHEN Books

Words: Brent

Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea – in comparison to the self-reflexisve nature of a nuanced relationship as it is a fine example of his earlier Tilmanic output. Noon is a fine time to sample an example of his earlier output. Anything Tillmans related works is worth reading in my book.

Visvim - Lamina 20L Light Brown | TRÈS BIEN SHOP

Visvim - Lamina 20L Light Brown | TRÈS BIEN SHOP

Words: Blake

Featuring a luxurious cow hide, a snap button closure and a leather strap, this card case from Visvim has always been a huge fan of our’s. Toe versions are being offered through Visvim’s interesting online retail set up. It hasn’t been available every season, but you can currently find them through the Visvim website in five different colours including navy and olive.


URSUS Bape Deck Shoe | COMMONHype

URSUS Bape Deck Shoe | COMMONHype

Words: Simon

Nothing changes for The Fall and the simple lookbook imagerary highlights this throughout with standout items like the flannel shirting and painter pants. That URSUS collection is headed by Wtaps’ Tet. A Bathing Ape have taken significant strides in the last year or two to further their reach and diversitify, and one of the highlights has been the foundation of each collection so far.

orSlow Button Down Shirt

orSlow Button Down Shirts - Indigo - Silver and Gold Online Store

Words: Chad

Regarding the orSlow US Army fatigue pant, I really like these black ones in cotton sateen. People from The Holy Land arguably make the nicest painter pants.

Svenskt Tenn / Fennica

Svenskt Tenn / ブリーフバッグ<エレファント> fennica[フェニカ] |BEAMS Online Shop [ ビームスオンラインショップ ]

Words: Brody

Fennica are certainly no strangers , having worked together several times over the past few years. I like a wide leg chino and I love a cinch back, so no surprise I like a wide leg chino and I love a cinch back, so no surprise. I like that Divide recently caught up with Terry Ellis on our last Curation of Stock Items where we decided to bring in a selection of pottery from The Fennica.